Midnight at the Museum is a collaboration between Kate Hulme, Fraser Randall and Hastings Museum and Art Gallery. It aims to build wellbeing, creativity and literacy in children aged six to nine through storytelling. Six letters with linked creative activities tell the imaginary stories of objects in Hastings Museum and Art Gallery’s collection. In each, an animal faces a challenge and overcomes it with the help of their friends.


The stories and activities have been written by Kate Hulme, illustrated by Holly Pearce and animated by Marli Weare. Anna Atkinson/ Art on Prescription provided advice on children’s mental health and wellbeing. The project has been developed through the generous support of Arts Council England Lottery Project funding.

The letter

'That day changed my life. I became a winged crusader, flying around the world looking for anyone who needed help.'

This has become a really special time for us each week. Thank you.
He loved receiving his letter and writing back. He can't wait to receive this week's letter. Thank you!
He loves his and is posting his reply tomorrow.

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